YOUR HEALTH: New hospital Upgrade

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital CEO Lesley Ogden was scheduled Talk Aug. 2, Prior to the Lincoln City Rotary Club on Wednesday to Summarize the Most Recent information Regarding the Samaritan North Read More

Girls Battling Medical Illness Find Wonder In Disney World

We know magic and the wonder of Disney, however, her friend Keira Esposito and Eliza O’Neill are going to experience it. Both girls are currently combating Sanfilippo syndrome (MPS II), a terminal illness called “youth Alzheimer’s.” Eliza’s dad, Glenn is that their number one cheerleader as the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation was based by him. Read

IRS medical supplies

The Internal Revenue Service Has Been Siphoned contents of a medical supply Firm in the Metrocenter Mall Wednesday off. Read More

Health officials Suggest rules for medical marijuana

(AP) — Florida health officials have issued their own proposed guidelines to apply the nation’s inherent medical marijuana amendment. Department of Health spokeswoman Mara Gambinieri says that the department is dedicated to working collaboratively with the people to set a medical marijuana program that is patient-centered. Read More