The Medical Minute: Foodborne illness is often avoidable

Americans develop more than 50 million cases of foodborne disease, every year. While some are caused by eating out, others arise in home kitchens. More response in contact with someone already infected. Although it can be difficult to avoid ever getting a foodborne disease, there are. Read More

Cultivating Health & Wellness on Campus

Student health is just one of the greatest concerns of a University. You will find many varied approaches to enhancing student wellbeing, and much more definitions of what actually constitutes student health. While there are no right answers, there are some best examples of Faculties who have committed to leading the way in innovative and

Hospital braces for health cuts

MOUNTAIN HOME — Marjorie Swanson was the first in the family to receive a job at Baxter Regional Medical Center following visiting the rural Ozark town from Chicago in 1995. A year later, her husband had been hired from the maintenance department. Six months ago, their daughter snagged a job as a pharmacy tech and