15 (No Price) Employee Wellness Plans and Health Promotion Ideas

Have you any idea why only 11% of Californians smoke while over 26% of the adults at Kentucky smoke? Here’s a hint: it has to do with health promotion thoughts and employee wellness strategies.

Since California has made environment and a culture which discourages tobacco usage California has less than half their speed of Kentucky. California has made it harder to smoke compared to just about any other state and more easy to stop. They have created a culture of wellness and at the office; it easier to avoid tobacco.

To see similar results you need to begin by creating a lifestyle. Below is a listing of health marketing suggestions and worker wellness strategies which can help you create a culture . However, be warned that by implementing a couple of wellness strategies, an activity-based program will be produced not a results-oriented program.

There is not anything wrong with an activity-based wellness program don’t anticipate improvements in healthcare cost savings and worker health. The WellSteps health platform utilizes these identical health and health strategies but integrates them in a strategy that’s not just quantifiable and incentivised, but can also be powerful. When you incorporate ideas change to an wellbeing program you will improve worker health and reduce healthcare expenses. Done correctly, it looks like this.

These office wellness and health strategies are intended to alter policy so it is more easy for employees to embrace and preserve health behaviors, and improve the work environment.

Have little or no wellbeing program budget? That is okay. Apart from lots of the no-cost health strategies shown below, you’ll find even more low-cost wellness strategies and activities in this article.

1. Prepare and distribute a listing of healthy dining options in a 2-mile radius of your office

When visiting the office every day for 17, employees often wander from outside their neighborhood area. This means that they will not always be knowledgeable about the restaurants and dining options which are around them so that they generally opt for the very first restaurant that they see without any respect for its menu choices. As a supervisor, you must create a list of all of the restaurants within a 2-mile radius of your office that contains healthy food choices. Eating should be part of worker wellness strategies.

You might also go a step further and record examples of a few of those healthy food choices which can be found at those restaurants. That way, employees will not need to waste any time on what they are going to dictate when they get there, guessing. Additionally, you should consist of easy directions to each restaurant so the employees that are new to the region will not get misplaced. Escambia County Florida has taken this concept one step further. They established a record of healthy restaurants from the county.

2. Provide discounts for healthy foods sold in the office

People that aren’t utilized to eating healthy will typically need an incentive to do so. One large stereotype about wellness foods which deters people is their cost. If you’ve ever been to a health food store, then you are aware that wellness foods are generally priced higher than foods at a nearby supermarket or restaurant. Therefore, employers will need to make discounted health foods offered for sale in work to ensure their employees are going to have healthier food choices to choose from.

This may also make health foods easier for the employees to purchase without needing to drive to a restaurant in their lunch break just to get them. Otherwise, they’ll likely just stay within their work building and rely on unhealthy vending machines to furnish them with food every time they are feeling hungry and need a fast bite to eat.

3. Review the catering menu and make recommendations for healthy options

If your business hires caterers that prepare meals for the employees in a cafeteria, then pay particular focus on the catering menu and the food choices that it has. Foods like pizza, French fries, and hamburgers should be avoided entirely. Tell your caterers you want to add healthier foods like salads, grilled chicken, egg whites, wheat toast, etc. You might not be able to eradicate all of the unhealthy foods in your menu, but if you add fitter options then individuals who care about eating healthy are going to be able to do so.

If your business holds office parties or holiday celebrations then you need to recommend healthier foods to the caterers of these events too. Try adding number to the healthier food choices to be able to get people interested. Salads, for example, could be divided into meal choices. You could have cobb salad, grilled chicken salad, garden salad, Caesar salad, etc.. This is going to make the employees believe that they have a lot of food options to choose from without feeling deprived of the unhealthy foods.

4. Provide vendor communication materials to promote healthy holiday gifts from vendors

When the holidays come around, vendors will generally provide companies with holiday presents which aren’t so healthy. These gifts generally consist of cake, chocolates, cupcakes, and other sugary or fried foods that aren’t healthy. Some individuals might make excuses for this and say it is okay to get these foods as it is the holiday season. On the other hand, the reality is that these foods don’t just appear throughout the vacations and employees will need to be encouraged to eat healthy all year round, even on vacations.

Employees will likely consume whatever holiday presents which are given to them whether they are healthy or not. If you’re able to get your vendors supply presents like fruit baskets, tropical fruit bars, or trail mix, then it will help employees make a healthier choice. Provide all of your vendors with communication materials such as images, letters, pamphlets, and infographics which express precisely what you’re searching for. Worker health promotion at work is easier when you have help from vendors.

5. Coordinate community supported agriculture or find accessible farmers markets

It often takes a group effort for individuals to become hooked on fresh make. Utilize this site to discover local Farmers markets in one single area.

The truth is that a number of communities across the country do not have very many community supported agricultural (CSA) groups or farmer’s markets where fresh vegetables and fruits can be purchased. That’s why a good employer should help direct this endeavor for the sake of their employees. If there is now no agricultural team in your area, go out and start.

You could post up advertisements for the group onto your organization’s social networking pages, site pages, or as a bodily advertising to the bulletin board in your rest room. Ask people to join the team and be a part of the attempt to deliver more agricultural goods to your own community. This could even entail making trades with the nearest farmer markets and trying to get them to provide you a bulk discount price on purchasing their manufacture on a regular basis. Perhaps, you could get them to provide your employees a discounted rate in their food products too.

6. Facilitate delivery of fresh fruits and veggies to break room

The rest area is where employees gather to eat their packaged snacks or meals. Sometimes they’ll even head for the vending machine and select unhealthy junk food–like potato chips or candy bars. Rather than vending machines, have fresh fruits and vegetables periodically delivered to the rest room for employees to eat at no cost.

If that costs too much money for the business to do, begin a nutritious food fund at which each worker chips in a certain amount of money every month in exchange for fresh produce to be made available to them at the rest room whenever they desire. Either way, having fresh vegetables and fruits from the immediate surroundings of employees will encourage them to make healthier snack choices.

7. Start a healthy recipe exchange and potluck lunch

Employees love particular events that happen at work. Anything that disturbs them by the everyday grind of their everyday tasks is a fantastic thing. Just take the opportunity to incorporate a few special events which can make them fitter. One arrangement you could make is really a potluck lunch at which engaging employees need to cook a healthy party-sized meal and deliver it in for all to eat.

You could set this up so each worker submits a healthy recipe that the other worker is going to need to prepare. The choice on which employees cooks the recipes are going to be from the pick of a coat. Place of every employee and have each employee select 1 name from it. Once they decide on a name, the worker is going to need to cook that individual’s recipe. This makes it exciting for the employees and interesting while offering a bonus to eat healthily.

8. Coordinate a “wholesome snack of the month” club

The idea of eating vegetables and exactly the same fruits every month gets dull for a lot of individuals. This could cause your employees to relapse and go back to their old ways of eating unhealthy foods. Therefore, try adding more variety to the healthy eating choices in your office by beginning a “wholesome snack of the month” club. Can submit a couple of dollars every month to be able to combine the club. Snacknation provides healthy office snacks at a good cost.

The benefits for them will probably be having a fresh bite being served at the office for this month. Some of the snacks that you could use comprise mixed nuts (no salt), berries, celery w/ fat-free dip, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, protein bars, and smoothie beverages. You could serve those snacks around the day of each week throughout the course of the month. When the month comes along, switch to a new snack.

9. Organize for bicycle racks and supply “bike to work” promotional stuff

The sort of transport that worker use to get to work will be a major factor for them. Many of them don’t need to while most employees use automobiles. Bicycles are a form of transport which gets overlooked by most people when they are going to do the job. In certain countries bicycling to work is a practice that is common because it is cheaper than simply owning and operating a vehicle. However, encouraging them to ride bikes can be about keeping them physically healthy rather than simply its economics.

In the event that you were to pass out “bike to work” promotional stuff to your employees and set up bicycle racks beyond their work facility, perhaps more employees would be moved to ride a bicycle to work as opposed to take their car. The promotional materials you supply them may include the very best places to purchase a bicycle, where they can park this, and the way they’re able to safely lock their bicycle so it doesn’t get stolen. Then a lot of them will do it, if employees feel confident of riding a bicycle to work.

10. Encourage stairwell usage by Offering posters for display at strategic locations

Then chances are your employees won’t automatically have to select the elevator just to select between a couple of floors in your building unless your office building is as large as Trump Tower. Encourage your employees if they are just traveling between one to use the stairwell. Where the stairwell is located, your employees don’t understand, set posters up throughout your construction. These posters should not just work as a manual, though.

Posters may also encourage employees to use the stairwell by illustrating the physiological health benefits it provides to them. Infographic posters that summarize the health of your center will raise could be place up by you. As employees see these posters every day on the job they might be inspired to really try out using the stairwell and they’ll feel great about doing it.

11. Negotiate corporate reductions for gym memberships

Businesses nowadays are cooperating with health clubs in their own community if they were to combine one of those facilities to ensure their employees can get discounts . Employees really like to receive discounts on products and solutions, even if they aren’t something they’d have purchased for themselves. If there is an employee that has been considering joining a gym but does not need to as it costs too much money every month, then the worker discount provides them an extra incentive toward really getting them to join the club.

A number of these discounts are substantial. While associates may need to spend $ 20 to $ 30 a month, employees are given the chance by most reductions. Who wouldn’t want to join a fitness center and improve their health for little money?

12. Provide training about the Practice of holding walking meetings

The idea of running meetings might seem to be a joke to your people. Traditionally meetings have been held in seminar rooms offices, or board rooms where each of of the attendees are currently seated down. But studies have revealed that talking walks while conducting business meetings can boost the innovative thought process of most parties.

So, what you’re going to want to do is train your level managers about the best way best to conduct those meetings with their employees and clients. Of course, you don’t need to surprise people as you might have clients or personnel which aren’t physically capable to engage or they might not be dressed suitably, particularly in the event that you go outdoors.

The best way to organize these meetings will be to conduct them in groups and ask approval from of the attendees in advance. You do need to highlight the health value of walking meetings that far. Just discuss enhancing innovative thinking, the benefits it provides such as clarity, and less anxiety or anxiety.

13. Post maps for outdoor walking routes or paths

In the event the area of your organization is near a great deal of outdoor paths and paths, allow your employees know about it by submitting maps of those paths. By letting them know about additional regions where they can walk their break, since a great deal of employees prefer to take walks around the parking lot in their lunch break, provide them a better option.

In the event the trail is determined by the business’s home, you are able to post maps along the trail up so the employees don’t get lost while attempting to come back to do the job. Additionally, post reminders at the beginning of the trail for people to bring their cell phones. This will permit them to call for help in case they get lost on the trail! This is only one of the most helpful and least expensive wellness marketing ideas you may try. Here’s a video that will assist you produce walking maps with Google Maps.

14. Coordinate and communicate walking and running clubs

Work environments will need to encourage exercise as far as you can. This does not just mean having employees do short or stretches walks in their own breaks. You want to have partner or your business create up with walking and jogging clubs. After you do that, notify all of the employees. Let them know how they can combine these clubs and provide them a schedule of locations and these times or walk.

People tend to be encouraged to exercise like this whenever they have others about them doing exactly the same thing. Since it provides a opportunity walking and walking golf clubs are great for employees and it also lets them meet. You’re able to organize these golf get-togethers through the social networking accounts of your company or by simply sending out all employees within the organization paper memos. Here’s a few excellent resources that will assist you begin.

15. Start a Smoke-Free plan for work and provide cessation resources

Most of us know tobacco smoke is unhealthy for a number of factors. Not only is their wellbeing hurting, but they are also hurting the health of those about them. Where employees are permitted to smoke, most companies have attempted to fix this issue by creating designated smoking areas in the building.

Because are still damaging their health, however, this isn’t really good. Their performance , in turn, degrades .

That’s why a smoke-free policy needs to be issued across the entire office with no designated smoking areas at all. On top of this, cessation materials need to be made available to employees that will help educate them how to stop smoking completely.

You don’t need to force it on them, but just make it available to all employees in case they really do want to stop. Among the different health and health strategies and efforts, this one may be challenging for smokers. Communicate you goals often and clearly. Make sure your employees understand that they are invaluable contributors to a success that is worksites. Here’s an excellent source to get your smoke-free policy up and running.

Click here to get 18 more excellent wellness strategies and wellness promotion ideas any office can do.

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