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You might have encounter many self-proclaimed godmen from India, but you could not possibly have encounter someone as expansive as this man. Only a glance at his long-winding title, and you understand just how big a deal he has ended up getting.

Like every godman having a assignment of working “godlike” power over people, Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s headship of the Dera Sacha Sauda relies on ideals that could explain to you how to direct a “healthy” lifestyle. And though the future of this social category hangs in the balance, we take a peek at some of the wellness tips that this leader indicates on his dera’s website.

The dera has a detailed website with nearly all Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s teachings; of course he indicates vegetarianism as a key principle. His wellness tips are supposedly motivated by Ayurveda, also apparently “many people have accepted that the wellness tips in their life embraced by Revered Guruji that aids in preventing diseases.”

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Just Have a look yourself, and decide if you are living the ideal, Wholesome lifestyle as suggested by Gurmeet Ram Rahim:

1. “Guruji indicates that dinner shouldn’t be taken late at night. Food must be obtained before the sun set as the quantity of bacteria is quite less at the moment.”

Now, this principle borrows largely from , particularly the idea that there’s a rise in bacteria in food. The Jain idea isn’t about how poor the food could get (that is undoubtedly a factor to be considered), but more concerned with unintentionally eating microorganisms after sundown.

Obviously, science investigates the identical wellness tip–that the human body’s metabolism rate slows down after sunset since that’s the time when we’re dormant, and unable to digest food faster. But those are definitely not the terms in which Gurmeet Ram Rahim sofas his suggestion.

2. “You should wake up early morning and ought to try to sleep morning. The people, who have to work hard for the whole day, need to go for a day and morning walk.”

Truly, this is such common knowledge that it’s been drilled in our minds since childhood. Being busy during the day always has its advantages, and it is a essential part of life. And choosing a walk twice, daily, is your fundamental exercise recommended by every physician in the world. This suggestion clearly borrows not just from most spiritual philosophies, but also modern science and supplements.

3. “drinkable water and beverage food signifies water should be drunk sip by sip and food should be properly chewed so the food may be digested slowly.”

Are you confused yet? You have been advised to chew your food correctly as you’re a child, we are sure. But chewing water? Aside from the way this suggestion is couched, we have to notice, once again, this is common knowledge supported by many of civilizations. Aaron Hoopes, the creator of Zen Yoga, additionally recommends something very similar to promote chewing gum and mindful eating in his novel, Zen Anti-Diet: Mindful Eating for Health, Vitality and weight reduction.

4. “Guruji teaches the process of the Pranayam with meditation. It aids in boosting the concentration. Many players have reached the International levels by adopting this method.”

We are going to quit mentioning this tip is likewise borrowed, since you have undoubtedly got the charm of things by now. Pranayam is a good workout, and an essential part of yoga. Every sane individual who’s ever even heard of yoga knows this, and many godmen really teach it. Is “guruji” claiming this as newly-discovered knowledge? And what precisely links the “lots of players” that have “reached the International amounts” into the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda? And that even are such players?

Picture for adviser intent. Picture courtesy: Facebook/Dr. gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh


5. “Specific diet graph has been developed advised by Guruji in that any stout or obese person may lose his or her fat. Individuals may lose up to 5-7 kilograms of fat in a week, without fasting.”

Yes, this is true. There is an entire diet graph filled with precise recommendations about precisely what number of veggies, fruits and boiled food you need to eat. Obviously, the graph looks a bit too much like the General Motors daily diet, however, we are actually utilized to Gurmeet Ram Rahim borrowing from various areas by now. No wonder the claim that you may lose considerable weight in a week really stands. Furthermore, if dropping 5 to 7 kilograms a week is extremely unhealthy for your body, as suggested by many dieticians all around the world.

6. “Recite the Holy Meditation and keep your emotions pure.”

In short, consider positive. Now. Who does not understand that? But what precisely is Holy Meditation, isn’t described anywhere on the website, though we did find that: “True Meditation is taught by True Master. Nobody knows that there’s such a supreme power that is present inside everybody, which assists everybody in this world and even beyond. Only the Guru makes it attainable by the way of meditation.”

7. “Earn by working hard and perform great deeds.”

Once again, being convinced is good for your health, and you already understand it. We are more than just a little cynical about Gurmeet Ram Rahim suggesting that you should “do great deeds”, since obviously, he’s not leading by example.

8. “Prefer boiled rather than fried or spicy meals.”

It’s awesome the way Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s wellness tips cover both the spiritual and physical realms–many recommendations by godmen and lifestyle gurus perform–and quite randomly accordingly. How can eating simple food follow from being favorable? The arrangement of the suggestions and the rampant borrowing apart, we believe this trick, like others, stands for reason.

They are not, but anything new or unique. Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s recommended health hints are fairly like his films, and every bit of this grand character he’s built for himselffilled with hype and charm on the exterior, but borrowed knowledge from the inside.

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