Airline Delay Compensation

Airline delay compensation is quite a popular topic these days. This is due to a number of reasons. It’s not like the concept is new, but airlines have lost a little bit of their authority in the headlines, for starters. Second, people are traveling by plane even more often these days. Weather patterns and an increased number of flights in the air combined with, well, people’s sense of self-entitlement seem to have everyone holding out their hands for flight delay compensation.

Let’s not paint some big horrible handout type of a picture though. Airlines should certainly compensate passengers whose flights have been delayed for particular reasons and for longer lengths of time. It is important to understand, too, that an increased number of flights in the air and increased consumer awareness is going to result in more claims for compensation anyway when it comes to flight delays.

It is quite easy to file a claim for flight delay compensation, easier than ever before. That is going to get more people to take the time to do it, too. Are you thinking right now that you have a valid claim that needs to be filed with an airline? How soon do the airlines verify claims, and what do you get? Can you just expect meal vouchers and a discount?

Well, the maximum is supposed to be $700 in cash. That is quite the compensation, but remember, that is in extreme situations. No airline is going to want to go round approving the maximum all the time, and of course, many airlines are going to work to try not to have to approve cash compensation claims at all. Look at the rules and regulations surrounding claims like these, and see what you can personally expect to get from your flight being delayed.

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