Health and Wellness HBS Survey Outcomes

Health and Wellness HBS Survey Outcomes

Today’s article was written by Meg McGuire, HBS ’17.

~ 75 percent of students completed the first to be administered into the HBS student body , a health and wellness survey. Thank you for their own participation. RCs may notice these bottles’ incidence one of ECs throughout campus, nestled in the side pockets of students’ backpacks or sitting atop the Aldrich desks.

MBA Student & Academic Services (SAS) and the administration wanted to share the highlights of the survey results with students in appreciation for their participation. The results are in line or better than national averages to get a comparable demographic, and therefore are significant to review for several reasons:

We Aren’t in a bubble

When walking round campus it can be easy to feel like we have walked into a utopia in which the gregarious, wholesome, and also happy student public is not plagued by the health issues of the general populace. It is sometimes a valuable reminder to see health concerns that on any particular day affect our school’s occurrence. For people who have a positive experience at HBS, it reminds us. For people who have a tougher encounter while at HBS, it is sometimes a valuable reminder that you are not alone.

Pupils encounter battles, however, also have vast resources at their disposal

Even though effects are in line with national averages, this doesn’t reduce the conflicts and problems faced by students, or even the changes in wellbeing many might be undergoing. The results highlight the vastly different experiences students may get at HBS–a few noting improvements in health and a few noting detriments. Please seek assistance if you require it: Stop by Spangler 2nd floor, both the Student & Academic Services Counter, and also ask for that a meeting, or even email┬á Last year, 43.5 percent of students sought assistance from MBA Student & Academic Services.

The results of alcohol

It’s no secret that whether or not drink or not, the incidence of drinking could have impacted your experience at HBS in some way. I do not believe we can make a judgment however, the survey reminds us that smoking can have consequences.

Please take some time to assess the results under and evaluate your health and wellness expertise while at school; if it is not where you want it to be please consider availing yourself of these resources to help you change it.

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