Health insurance CEO salary tops out at $17.3M in 2015

This past year was a one for the five biggest health providers in that nation, as weeks of settlement culminated within the Aetna- Humana – mega -mergers. Additionally, it was a great year to become a in the “large five” payers, as complete payment increased for four out-of five entrepreneurs.

CEO Cordani and Aetna CEO Bertolini for instance, equally noticed their pay rise that was complete in 2015 to $17.3 million respectively, in 2014.

But Group CEO Hemsley– the government who did not earn much more in 2015 compared to year preceding–seems to have turned a down. “At his demand, Mr. Hemsleyis complete payment is below the average for entrepreneurs within the firm’s peer-group, despite the fact that the panel thinks his efficiency continues to be exceptional,” the Business’s SEC filing states.

Continue reading to get a break down of the payment deals the executives for each. (The totals don’t range from the worth that would be recognized if professionals exercise their investment.) 

The complete payment of Cordani increased significantly when compared with 2014, when he taken in $14.5 trillion. Their 2015 whole contains $1.2 trillion in starting income, $12.9 trillion in choice and stock prizes, $2.9 trillion in low- $352 and collateral bonus strategy compensation,952 in payment that is additional.

The starting income in 2015 of Bertolini was $1.03 thousand, and he gained $14.1 million in choice and stock prizes, $1.8 million in low- $271 and collateral bonus strategy compensation . In 2014, the general payment of Bertolini totaled $15-million — he gained in 2013, although that number was along in the $30 million.

The complete payment of Hemsley reduced in the $14.9 thousand he gained in 2014. Their 2015 starting income was $1.4 trillion, and $9.4 million was obtained by him in-stock and choice prizes along with $3.7 million in low- $145 and collateral bonus strategy compensation,679 in additional payment.

Remedial gained a starting income of $1.3 million, along with choice and inventory awards. $1.7 trillion was netted by him in low-collateral bonus strategy 896 in most additional payment, compensation and $237. $13.5-million was gained by Remedial in 2014 as a whole payment.

When it had been $10.1 trillion Broussardis complete payment went up just slightly from 2014. It offers $8.8 million in-stock and choice prizes a starting income of $1.2 trillion, and $331,774 in most additional payment. He didn’t obtain any low-collateral bonus strategy payment.


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