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At the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness we strive to promote the connection between eating, exercise, weight management, and living a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Frank will take the time to understand your specific diet and weight loss needs, and design a personalized program just for you. Call the Frank Institute today to schedule your

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July 27, 2015 Author: Joe HarkinsJuly 27, 2015 Medical tourism interests from the Middle East and North Africa — many of whom will converge on the Arab Health and Wellness Forum, at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Sept. 27-30, 2015, in Orlando, Fla. — fear that unless chronic disease is confronted, healthcare

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Health and Wellness Small steps can improve health and wellness. Exercising more and eating healthier can help us live longer and better lives. For those coping with illness, embracing healing with a positive attitude and a healthful mindset can make a real difference. Taking a day by day approach can help those recovering from addiction

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The Health and Fitness Program at the College of Kinesiology is ideal for college students keen on wellness, personal coaching, teaching, or being a well being and health educator. As soon as you’ve constructed a robust foundation of training, vitamin, motion, change, and business information, it’s time to commit to a lifetime of learning and personal

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The foundation for healthy life. In a lot of our communities slipping just below the radar of notoriety are well being and health programs that have had significant positive impacts on the folks they serve, Dixie Stanforth, Ph.D., FACSM and Kelsey Graham, MEd, CHES, share three of these tales of their feature article, “Rejoice Success!”