The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s Staff Doing Medical Outreach Missions Abroad

Arguably, the very nature of a hospital’s work is “performing good” for their own patients, community and families. But for a lot at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC), the “performing good” doesn’t stop at the end of the workday. Gary G. Terrinoni, President and Chief Executive Officer of both , says, “We are extremely proud of the hospital’s attempts here in Brooklyn and quite proud of their efforts of a lot of our medical and non-clinical employees overseas in various medical professions.”

TBHC’s Errol Mallett, MD, Board Member of American West Indian Medical Association. (via The Brooklyn Hospital Center)

One instance of such far-reaching generosity is the American West Indian Medical Association, a group committed to giving medical aid to Caribbean countries. TBHC staffers engaged comprise: Angela Kerr, MD; Errol Mallett, MD; Lorna Bryant; Natasha Feivre, MD; Jason Swaby, MD; Carol Hanson-Beckles; Wendy Robles; Natasha Williams; Ann-Marie Black; and Adebanke Adebayo, MD.. They and many others with the group provided Jamaica this past year with much-needed solutions in dental work, gynecology, physical therapy and overall medical services to the residents of St. Catherine West Central community.

TBHC’s Lorna Bryant, President of the American West Indian Medical Association. (via The Brooklyn Hospital Center)

In another attempt, Angela Grant of TBHC’s Day, proceeds to Guyana on her to give AIDS/HIV avoidance education, sex education, supply of donations, along with recommendations for improved sensitivity training for nursing/medical staff, modeled following TBHC standards. Angela has completed this excursion for the last 10 decades. “I began doing this as a family encounter since my parents are from Guyana,” she says. “I wanted to give back to HIV/AIDS patients in the hospital, but I then moved on to children who faced challenges involving having parents who have HIV/AIDS or other conditions like alcoholism.” TBHC team has encouraged Angela over time with donations and clothes drives, among other things.

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