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For the majority of us, the chance of feeling queasy from just-expired Greek yogurt is a bigger worry than becoming botulism. Nevertheless recent cases in California are increasing concerns about the  severe paralytic illness.

According to   Food Safety Information,five individuals in Walnut Grove–four of whom bought food in exactly the identical gas station–have produced  the illness. Along with the state health department is investigating two potential cases of botulism in Orange County citizens who drank that an herbal tea made from deer antlers.

The FDA has recently issued a recall notice for goods distributed by U.S. Deer Antlers Exports and Imports Inc., the business that marketed the tea (which was also  dispersed  in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia). And local officials at Walnut Grove have shut down drink and food services in the gasoline station.

What exactly causes the illness, and what risks does it pose?

Botulism is caused by a nerve toxin  produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and sometimes by breeds of Clostridium baratii along with Clostridium butyricum.   Foodborne botulism most often comes from home-canned items which haven’t been prepared in a secure way. If   your canning containers seem to be leaking or look dented or cracked, it’s best to toss them ASAP.

The harm done by botulism poisoning can be quite  serious. The timeless botulism symptoms include blurred or double vision, slurred speech, drooping eyelids, difficulty swallowing, and muscle weakness which may progress to paralysis if left untreated.

What makes it hard to take care of botulism early is the fact that the  signs typically don’t pose until 18 to 36 hours after the contaminated food was consumed. Sometimes symptoms don’t appear until 10 days after. And within a few hours, they might develop in other instances.

In terms of the way the illness is treated, doctors may give botulism patients an antitoxin to  stop the poison from entering the bloodstream in the short term.   They may also induce nausea or use enemas to extract any contaminated food that is still in the intestine.

A hospital stay is virtually always needed. In severe cases, a patient will need a ventilator for breathing assistance. Some individuals will will have problems with shortness of breath for many years after.

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Here’s some fantastic news though: According to the CDC, the rate of departure from botulism has dropped from approximately 50% to 3-5% in the past 50 years.

To steer clear of botulism, be extra cautious when planning or buying canned goods. And visit your physician or visit the ER stat if you’re experiencing any indicators of the illness.

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What Is Botulism? The Truth on the Rare Illness That’s Put 5 Men and Women in the Hospital at California

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